I’m just churning out the few screenshots I have!!

Kristy: Wanna know something fun!? Your creator is old and is gonna die soon.

Roy: :O


Oh, I changed Kristy’s hair again because I didn’t really like the first one? It’ll probably change again, knowing me.

However, I’m amazed that she doesn’t have the bookworm trait given how much she likes to read. Go figure, I guess?

Faramir: Who is this dead man?

Pippin: Someone come to remind you to respect your elders.

Faramir: A strange man with a pocketwatch and a gnome hat… Where could he be going?

Sim: I’m going to the bathroom, fuck off.

Uh, why?

Precious: Hello… Faramir.

Faramir: Hello… Precious.


This is basically all Galadriel does now.

Well, except die, apparently.

Galadriel: Here you go!!

Grim: How delightful! You’re free to go.

Galadriel: Oh, would you look at that.


And of course, Death stuck around for a while.

Kristy: Oh… how lovely?

So, since she’s so determined to beat death, I decide to send her to the consignment store.

It’s the young again potion!

I think not.

Much better!!

Cashier: What did I just witness?

And then it’s time for the other potion!

Galadriel: I’m young again! Young again FOREVER!!

Faramir: You may be physically young again, but mentally you’re still old and slow.

Galadriel: At no point in my life have I been ‘old’ or ‘slow’.

Galadriel: I’m younger than you and better at catch than you!

Tauriel: This is old lady-ist.

One day I’m going to get rid of that stereo. Nobody stops dancing!

Faramir: Could you stop doing that?

Kili: I’m trying to show you how ridiculous you look.

Speaking of looking ridiculous…

Faramir: No one can see me!!

Yes, dear.

Faramir: If I can work out for longer than you, then you’ll have to concede that you’re old and slow, right?

Galadriel: Wow, you’re really insecure about this, right?

So I totally ignored Kristy, and when I went back to her found that she’d just been cooking and eating on a loop. Literally every time she’d finish a plate, she’d just go back and get another one.

I guess she’s bored?

She wasn’t the only one bored, I was getting bored of the lag fest that was Dragon Valley!! Sooo, I packed them up and shipped them off to Hidden Springs!

Which, with how bugged out DV is, had them all running up the mountains with me laughing hysterically the entire time.

Which, naturally, left them all standing on the lawn while I built THIS house!!

I did use a floor plan for this house, but I love the outside so much honestly.

Sorry it’s in build mode, but it was night time when I opened the game to take this. And here’s some scenic shots of the inside of the house!

This is the skilling section!

The kitchen!

I don’t think I can have a TV yet? But yeah, they have to socialise with each other but honestly I love how cute this setup looks.

Technically counting as only one room, here’s the garage!

Then there are three rooms up here, one being the master bedroom and the other being the bathroom.

Master bedroom!

Back garden!